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Best experience of my life!!

San Diego, California
Aug 2, 2010

I am from San Diego, California. I came to Hungary to teach English, and I spent five days in Budapest. This bike tour was my ABSOLUTE favorite part of Budapest. It was SO much fun!! I saw so many incredible parts of Budapest, and learned so much. In fact, I returned to Budapest again with some friends, and I was able to tell them a lot about the history because of this bike tour. I think EVERYONE who comes to Budapest should do this bike tour, and it is much easier and much more fun than walking. You get to see five times as much as you would otherwise, learn TONS, and get a fun workout! YOU MUST DO THIS!!!

Unique, personal tour with loads of insider information
Vienna, Austria
Aug 2, 2010

The Budapest Bike Breeze tour was great, great, great! We were only a small group of four and our guide took care of the wishes and questions of each of us. She showed us around the city and explained the sights and related them to the history of the city whenever we stopped. The meal that was included was delicious, too.I think the tour lasted about 1 or 2 hours longer that planned. As our international group was so small, this also gave us the chance to get in contact with each other and added to the special cultural experience. At the end, every participant got a sheet with tips about the things to do and see in Budapest.

I love Budapest Bike Breeze!
Los Angeles, California
Aug 3, 2010

This was such a pleasant bike tour. The tour guide was refreshingly interesting, knowledgeable and patient. Best thing my friends and I did to get familiar with the city, the locals and to see the big sites. I normally get bored on tours, but this one is definitely worth taking!!! We also went a little over our time. The guide truly cared about our experience and gave us great tips on what to do whilst in Budapest, so I really want to thank her for that. Thank you Budapest Bike Breeze!

Very informative and interesting
London, United Kingdom
Aug 18, 2010

I did the wheel and meals tour, and it was a great overview of the city and the rich history of the area and Hungary in general. I ended up being the only one on the tour, so basically got a private tour, which was great.

I was very impressed by the tour guide, Márti's, vast knowledge of every single one of the hero statues, and seeing as I was the only one, she could go through all of them. Very nice history of Hungary's history.

Also, got a nice traditional meal at the end, at a quaint little "grandma" style restaurant at the end, just to top it all off.

Definitely one of the best tours I've done throughout Europe.

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