Buda bike experience

Buda is the hilly part of Budapest, but biking in Buda is not only about climbing hills. There is a wonderful bike path along the river with great view to Pest, the bridges and the House of Parliament. It is a great experience to ride along that bike route at sunset. This bike lane is not separated from pedestrians, so have to be cautious and patient. 

Beside mountain biking in Buda, there are many paved roads to pedal and you can get quite deep inside to the forest as well.

We can take you for a ride to the hills of Buda, but if you have more time and stamina, than we know some great routes outside Budapest in Pilis hills and Börzsöny hills.

This can be a great choice to spend a relaxing day out of the city, away from the crowd, cars and tour buses. Enjoy nature, see more of Hungary by bike!

What to visit on Buda by bike:

    • Normafa
    • János hill lookout tower
    • Széchenyi hill
    • Gellért hill cave church
    • Gellért bath
    • Kopaszi gát
    • Roman coast – Aquincum
    • Many more, according to your interest

Our bikes are hybrid bikes with front forks and can ride on the paved forest roads and light dirt roads as well.

E-bikes are available

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Mountain bike adventure in Buda
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