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Budapest bike tour


This bike tour is recommended for people who have seen the main sights and most attractive buildings of Budapest and wants to see some extraordinary, different parts of the city, even some communist block houses and once beautiful, but now neglected districts of Budapest.

Also if you are trying to dig a little deeper in Hungarian history and demography. We will also show you lovely parks and huge factory sites that got new interesting uses recently.

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During this bike tour you will also experience a part of Budapest with a very different social life compared to the running, bustling center, a little bit like a travel to a countryside town or to the past of Budapest.

This tour is not for the faint-hearted, if you are only looking for the most beautifull parts of Budapest, we recommend you to take our Wheels & Meals Bike Tour. There is no bike path in all areas on the route of this tour, we take streets with low traffic, a little experience is needed in city trafic. All of our other tours follow bike paths.

start: Flexible, please contact us.
duration: 2.5 hours
Rate: 30 EUR (10,000 HUF)

Bikes, refreshment is included
The tour is in English.
Small groups, interactive, friendly atmosphere, local, expert guides.

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Bike tours start in March, 2017

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