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Bicycle routes in Hungary

Lake Balaton bicycle path:

Balaton is the largest lake of Central Europe with 204 km bike path around it. The area of its surface is 595 km² and the water temperature in the summer ranges from 22 to 30 degrees. Towns located on the shores of Lake Balaton have many attractions and interesting destinations.

The south bank is 70 km long and quite shallow with many sandy beaches. At some places is possible to walk hundreds of meters from the shore. The north bank is more deep and has an amazing landscape with hills like Badacsony and other ex-vulcanic hills.

Between the villages there are huge vineyards, which usually have small cellars. A short break with a splendid view of the lake and the taste of famous Hungarian wine makes a trip even more pleasant!

Bike tour balaton Balaton bike Bike Balaton

The bike lane is designed specifically for biking at Lake Balaton, it runs through the designated bike paths and low traffic quiet side streets.

Keszthely is the most traditional town of Balaton with a splendid baroque castle and lovely old town.

The hills behind the north bank hiding cute villages, an amazing experience for the ones, willing to do some more exercise.

Private bike tours available to Balaton by train or van.

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Velence Lake bicycle path:

Lake Velence is the third largest lake in Hungary. It is a popular holiday destination among Hungarians, one of the warmest lakes in Europe: its temperature in the summer may reach 26 to 28°C.

velence lake

One third of the lake is covered by reed, which makes it a popular place for birds, part of the lake is a bird reserve.

If you want to see real Hungarian countryside with its typical houses, lush forrests and beautiful nature, this is a place to go.

velence ingókő

The lake has a 30 km bike route around going through lovely villages and exciting landscapes. Popular activities around the lake includes:


Private bike tours available to Velence lake. Transportation is by train or van.

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