Pilisi Parkerdő is starting a large-scale renovation of the forest bike path

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In recent years, Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. has designated 350 kilometers of forest cycle paths in the Buda and Visegrád mountains, as well as in Pilis. This is the Pilis Bike network, which is used by tens of thousands of people every year, and its routes are among the most visited forest bike routes in the country. In mid-June, the renovation of nearly fifteen percent of Pilis Bike, 45 kilometers, will begin. The investment of more than one billion forints realized in partnership between Pilisi Parkerdő and the Center for Active and Ecotourism Development will result in a safer, bike-friendly road network. The work, which involves complete road closures in places and sections, is expected to last four months.

Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. is implementing the renovation with more than one billion HUF domestic funds. Most of the 64 kilometers of forest bike paths will be paved with new asphalt or crushed stone. The renovation affects a total of more than eighty thousand square meters of pavement. In addition to the pavement, the drainage of the roadway, which has been washed away in several places and therefore has slipped, as well as the strengthening of the road base and earthworks, will be solved in many places.

The renewal of the forest cycle path is part of a larger series of investments. The next step regarding the forest bike paths will be the renewal and expansion of the forest infrastructure – parking lots, rest areas – and making them bike-friendly. In addition to these, Pilisi Parkerdő will implement a large-scale ecotourism development in the Visegrád area in the next two years. The purpose of the project called Fellegpark is to manage the tourist offer managed by Parkerdő – such as Fellegvár, Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden, Nagyvillam Ski Slope, the soon-to-be-built Mogyoróhegy Amusement Park, and of course the related pedestrian and bicycle routes – in a unified framework.

All of this is necessary because the Pilisi Park Forest’s visitation and tourist importance have grown at a huge rate in the past two years. Last year, 32 million visitors were registered in the approximately 65,000-hectare forest area of ​​the Pilisi Park Forest. One of the most important tasks and missions of Parkerdő, as a responsible forest manager and maintainer, is to ensure the appropriate infrastructure and the possibility of a safe visit to the forest, free of natural damage, for its visitors.

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Source: bikemag.hu